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Al-Safwaa Law Firm

about_An Egyptian law firm established in 2006 subject to legal profession regulating laws - international activity - practicing legal profession within the limits stated in the professional integrity charter depending on creativity, professionalism and reliability as its manner to achieve its unlimited vision.


We are aiming to be the biggest and most skilled international entity which practicing the legal profession, and to create a communication net between the advocates offices all over the world and to provide our services,


Provide the group clients with legal support and protection in a professional, quick and reliable method as far as we can reach.

Our Services


The group's lawyers are proud of the legal profession as a key partner to the judiciary in the administration of justice

Advocacy, pleading, follow-up and litigation procedures in all types of cases before all types of courts, prosecutions and various judicial authorities.

Follow-up the implementation of authentic judgments inside and outside Egypt through agents of the office in all parts of the Arab Republic of Egypt and through joint cooperation with international institutions to investigate and track fugitives within the limits of what is regulated by law

Negotiation and Arbitration

Arbitration and negotiation are among the valuable ways of resolving disputes in order to facilitate and shorten time and to avoid slow procedures before the judiciary and its multiple negatives that are reflected in the disputes of the litigants. and settling disputes


In the belief of the group in the importance of investment and the support it represents for the national economy

Establishing companies and facilities in front of all parties and giving them legal personality

Providing legal support to companies, providing all necessary legal and procedural advice, and preparing legal studies for all companies’ activities and fields of work.

Drafting all corporate contracts and articles of association

Training and management of the legal affairs of the company

Facilitating legal procedures for foreign companies and foreign investors by extracting investment licenses, local and foreign certifications, and opening branches for them within the scope of the Republic, as well as opening joys for local companies abroad.

Legally liquidating companies, amending and nullifying company contracts, and ending amendment procedures before the necessary authorities

Follow-up and management of communication between companies, chartered accountants and customs brokers, if any

debt collection

as we believe that the debt collection on someone's behalf is one of thoughest activities as it  is a trust which will be our responsibility, we believe that we will be able to::

provide  legal solutions for our clients to assist them by collecting their debts from others , as the long - term debts are considered an element of risk that may cause a great loss of creditors, there will be a possibility that your rights due to the breach of your debtors in fulfillment of these debts, so we will be responsible for all debts follow up and collection and represent your firm in trustworthy manners

we will collect banks and entities debts amicably and legally

following and tracting the fugitive debtors inside and outside the country

negotiating and approving the presonal leans scheduling to help both the lean debtors and creait cards debtors to acgieve the best solutions to settle these outstandung loans with granting banks by approaching the banks and obtaining the best settlement for our clients

pre-investigation about the debtors


research and training

The gruop con provide legal studies for the public and private sectors through our specialized legal team by the most accurate methods

the gruop is proud to provide the service of studying and preparing the projects of laws for any country or authority in may legal fields.

as well as the gruop provides the legal research support by preparing researches about any legal issue related to client , and  supervising and managing the legal libraries.

out of the office mission to achieve the ideal model of the advocates firms, the gruop training courses for advocates to improve their efficency and to direct their powers toward creativity and excellence

copyright protection

continuing the gruop activities and by our special and distinguished team consisting of advocates specializes in patnets , we can provide the registration of trademarks, and finalizing the inventions patents around the world , as well a the gruop provides the legal copyright protection by suing any breach and taking a qick and decisive legal action


Starting from the importance of the contracts forming, and to avoid any disputes that may arise due to invisibility of the agreement, the group can provide you with:

- Conducting the contracting meetings.

- Forming all types of contracts and provide the clients with any related consultation.

- Completion of the contract registration with all relevant authorities.

licensing and administration procedures

:to avoid the procedural and legal mistakes that can hinder any project, the group will

-Taking all proper steps and finalizing all types of licensing.

- Completion of all transactions with all governmental authorities.

- Representing the client before the general authority for specification and quality, to provide companies with legal support for obtaining quality certificate and legal and procedural protection for all types of activities.

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