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debt collection

as we believe that the debt collection on someone's behalf is one of thoughest activities as it  is a trust which will be our responsibility, we believe that we will be able to::

provide  legal solutions for our clients to assist them by collecting their debts from others , as the long - term debts are considered an element of risk that may cause a great loss of creditors, there will be a possibility that your rights due to the breach of your debtors in fulfillment of these debts, so we will be responsible for all debts follow up and collection and represent your firm in trustworthy manners

we will collect banks and entities debts amicably and legally

following and tracting the fugitive debtors inside and outside the country

negotiating and approving the presonal leans scheduling to help both the lean debtors and creait cards debtors to acgieve the best solutions to settle these outstandung loans with granting banks by approaching the banks and obtaining the best settlement for our clients

pre-investigation about the debtors